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We sell accessories of shells and pearls as a collaboration project with "Amami South Sea" which we met at the Design Exhibition held in Kagoshima in 2010.


Although mabe-pearl is as beautiful as white mother of pearl shell, it is hardly known because of its rareness. Outstanding colour, luster, and smoothness, furthermore its beautiful shape called "Pteria Penguin" is only for shellfish that produces mabe-pearl.


"Pteria Penguin" accessories we are selling are real gems of hand craft which use wild precious mabe-pearl in Amami Oshima.


It goes without saying that the pearl itself is extremely rare, its peculiar semicircle shape is also precious. Mabe has muscular flesh due to its habitat in the heavy tide. For that reason, it does not have enough tissues to wrap a nucleus in. Even if a nucleus is put into mabe, it is soon released. It is, therefore, cultured with putting a nucleus outside the shell in order not to be released. Thus, its pearl becomes semicircle according to the surface it clings.


Because the size of mabe-pearl is about 10mm-30mm, and we can make various shapes, such as circle, drop, and even heart.


The most remarkable charm of mabe-pearl is especially beauty of its shine. You can enjoy glossy natural colour variation, such as light pink, deep rosy, rainbow and even metallic gold. Amami Oshima is the northern limit of mabe-pearl's habitat. Its colour, luster and smoothness of mabe-pearl is, therefore, equal to be called the highest quality.