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社長 阪本英信

愛に恋 Eishin Blog !

At 1st November 2014, we became a member of YAMAKI groups, which was established in 1953.

Our products range from measure-made shirt to mass produced ready-made shirt. 180 employees in Koyama-factory, also 120 in Shinshu have manufactured those shirts for department stores and specialty stores throughout Japan. We always keep the quality in mind in order to satisfy our customers.

We wish the development of Eco-Shirt will provide you with an opportunity to think about our environment, and hopefully, to put environmental conservation into action.

In addition, Kagoshima-Shirt, we produced 3 years ago using Oshima pongee, has been sold in Yamagataya department store and is worn as a uniform in Kagoshima bank. You can get this shirt in our site “Mirai shirt monogatari” from December 2016.

Our town, Kimotsuki is famous for the launching site of Hayabusa asteroid probe and Epsilon launch vehicle. On the other hand, we have a very traditional festival called “Koyama Yabusame Matsuri”. You can also enjoy our rich nature such as clear sky, beautiful blue sea and countless stars in the night. Moreover, you must be satisfied with our delicious foods such as Berkshire pig, Kagoshima black cattle, free-ranged chicken, natural sea bream, flatfish, lobster, abalone, turban shell, horse mackerel and so on.

"Ojattamonse!" Come and enjoy our beautiful town!